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Malware Attack Can Cause Terrible Outcome to Your Business

Malware Attack Can Cause Terrible Outcome to Your Business

Blog 23 Dec 2021
Malicious attacks seem to get more sophisticated every year. Because malware (malicious software) is often difficult to detect, and devices are typically infected without the user even noticing, it can be one of the primary threats to your personal information and identity that you must be on guard for.

In this digital era, we can not rely on physical presence only. Digital presence is a must. It is about entering the digital world and simultaneously maintaining our physical and digital presence. After ensuring our digital presence, we start to engage with our customers. Then we can begin to market and sell products/services to get profit. 

The impact of a security breach can be broadly divided into three categories: financial, reputational and legal. A malicious attack that damages our digital presence can be classified as reputational. This kind of attack affect customer engagement and even hurt relations with the investor. 

Financial impact means losing profit from the potential market. Other financial categories are data breaches and data theft (e.g., customer data, bank details, payment card details). The spread and abuse of stolen customers' data must also impact customers' trust in us. 

In legal categories, data protection and privacy laws require you to manage the security of all personal data you hold - whether on your staff or your customers. You may face fines and regulatory sanctions if this data is accidentally or deliberately compromised and fails to deploy appropriate security measures. Security breaches can devastate even the most resilient of companies. So, it is essential to manage the risks accordingly. 

Here is how to minimize the impact of cyber attacks on businesses. Evade those incidents by strictly monitoring the digital infrastructure. This monitoring tool helps us get to know the malicious activity early by using the SentryPage monitoring system and taking action early to keep your system up and running and build up the reputation.

On the positive side, cyberattacks are also an opportunity for companies to show transparency and trustworthiness and highlight the steps they are investing in defending against attacks. Show all stakeholders, including customers and investors, that we are implementing a defacement monitoring tool to watch every cyberattack. 

This Public Relation (PR) outcome is to reduce, or even eliminate, the cyber-incidents short-term negative impact through a systematic response strategy and proactive customer attitude. The same PR movement also turns the experience into a trigger for expanded organizational learning to create a positive long-term impact and digital innovation.