• Quickly Capturing Defacement Activity
  • Current and Up-to-Date Attack Signature Engine
  • Monitor & Manage What Matters
  • More Features to Come

Quickly Capturing Defacement Activity

Websites and domains that store dynamic content could prove problematic in tracking possible intrusions due to the ever-changing nature of the content itself.

SentryPage integrates an algorithm that reviews any change for potential defacement activities by identifying any discrepancy in the page elements.

Current and Up-to-Date Attack Signature Engine

The Attack Signature Engine is our streamlined defacement signature detection architecture used to identify keywords and potential threat patterns of the intrusive activities.

Our Attack Signature Engine is a repository for thousands of analyzed defacement patterns. From explicit words to commonly used phrases, and even the signature message patterns used by intruders, they have been recorded and evolved over time, spanning multiple languages.

By utilizing the Attack Signature Engine, we identify and isolate possible defacement activities through these methods:


Intruders usually leave a 'calling card' behind to display their infamy. Our Attack Signature Engine has a smart detection system that tracks all large known as well as minor known hackers.


Some intruders instil messages or convey their propaganda upon defacing their targets. Our Attack Signature Engine scours through news sites to pick up on the biggest headlines around the world to compare with.


Our Attack Signature Engine provides a profanity filter to compare with the possible defacing activity and covers an array of language such as English, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian and more.

Monitor & Manage What Matters

Be on top of all your notifications and manage websites that will be included for monitoring on the Alert Management Portal.

All-in-One Alert Management

A crisp and simple interface to help you view and manage all of your notifications in one place. You can also view detailed information about the alerts and activities while SentryPage continues to keep your websites under surveillance.

Archived Change History

Accessing and comparing to the previously stored records of your websites in the Change History section. You can manage all changes from the Alert Management Portal.

More Features to Come

As the elaboration of defacement world keeps evolving, we continue to provide various solutions to watch over your website better. Stay tuned to our Latest News for the latest updates.