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Blog 13 Oct 2021

How Hackers Exploit Weak Passwords

Many users are still careless about their passwords. Weak passwords 'invite' hackers to conduct certain activities such as brute force to login to our software ...
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Blog 17 Sep 2021

Rules of Hacked Website Portfolio

SentryPage follows some rules that were applied in a website that contains hackers' portfolios. How the rules work will be explained below.
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Blog 10 Sep 2021

Defacement can create fake news on a crowdsourcing site

Just several days ago, Wikipedia was having defacements. When a popular site like Wikipedia having digital vandalism, many users are hurt. They express their fi...
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Blog 13 Aug 2021

Does Issue on Performance Indicates the Presence of Malware?

Traffic of visiting users is very important for an e-commerce site. Since decreasing traffic means reducing amount of conversions too. One of many causes of dec...
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Blog 22 Jul 2021

How to Recognise a Hacked Website and How to prevent the incident?

More than a few decades, organizations began to use online media (websites) to promote their business. A website that looks good and trusted can increase the re...
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Blog 12 Jul 2021

Hacked Website Impacts Business Performance

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignoring digital security may lead organisations to harmful attacks. How to prevent those hacking? What can we do to improve our digital...
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Blog 26 Jun 2021

Defacement on Education Site

Not only hurts a Government site or Religious site, but defacement activity may also attack the Education site.
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Blog 14 Jun 2021

An Unpatched System is the Increasing Source of Defacement

Defacement notified at is decreasing each year since 2013. It has reached its peak in 2010 and now starting to decrease. This can have 2 mea...
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Blog 28 May 2021

Correlation of Hacker's Social Media and Volume of Web Defacements

Researchers from Georgia State University found that the increase of social media accounts and usage from hackers is correlated with the increase of web defacem...
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Blog 10 May 2021

Safeguard Protocol for Unbreakable System

Every system has the potential to be treated badly by defacer; an actor of website defacement. We provide such a protocol to safeguard your application system. ...
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Blog 20 Apr 2021

Defacer attack on Religious Site

Not only attacking public and private websites, there are several defacements on religious sites, also.
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Blog 12 Apr 2021

The Importance of Early Detection System

Early detection system act the main role in reducing our loss due to web defacement.
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Blog 24 Mar 2021

Defacement on Government Sites

Because of political intention, Government Sites are the most targeted site in website defacement things. Besides the malfunction of government sites that may h...
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Blog 18 Mar 2021

When Web Administrator Make Mistake

A human mistake can happen to everyone and everywhere. In website case, the mistake may lead to website defacement. A website monitoring tool, such as SentryPag...
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Blog 23 Feb 2021

Defacement Use Cases

From, we learn that defacement use cases may be classified into attacking the homepage (with 'H' as code/symbol), several pages in the same IP ('M'),...
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Blog 22 Dec 2020

Monitor Third-Party Plugin Update After Installation

Fixing vulnerabilities that already exposed by CMS or third-party library cannot be just a minute. It will take hours or even days to fix or patch the vulnerabi...
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Blog 05 Jan 2021

Benefit of Implementing Web Alert in Webpages

For every changes in our website, we shall put alertness. Is it unimportant or critical? Web Alert, a digital tool, shall help us in monitoring defacements.
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Blog 21 Dec 2020

The Importance of Site Monitoring

Having a website is not only about hosting, code development and maintenance. But also content update and site monitoring.
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Blog 07 Dec 2020

Detect Website Change for a More Secured App

Various quality of website change monitoring tools is available in the market. This article explores several criteria to get above-average quality of defacement...
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Blog 17 Jul 2020

The Dynamic Interface of the Website

The dynamic interface of the website nowadays requires vigorous monitoring techniques as well. This article explores algorithms and features provided by SentryP...
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Blog 16 Jul 2020

Defacer's Behavior

Many times, reasons of defacer's attack, are still unthinkable and unimaginable. But their conducts are traceable and acknowledgeable. This article explores def...