Four Advantages of Monitoring Potential Defacement using SentryPage:

Fastest Capture Rate in the Industry

The key to better detection is to find the change as minimum as possible. Every micro change will be identified as an alert, promptly.

With up to 5 minutes interval between each capture, your online appearance is monitored frequently.

The Up-to-Date Attack Signature Engine

Our up-to-date Attack Signature Engine utilizes intuitive machine learning to thoroughly analyze thousands of websites and scope out any suspicious activity.

10 languages

Combined letters and numbers.

Manage All Alerts at A Glance

We pull all alerts and integrate them into a single coherent dashboard. You can inspect all the alerts on a unified display in our Alert Management Portal. It shall ease you to manage and take action when an online anomaly is detected.

Archived Change History

Either manually or accidentally defaced, the history of change of your website is frequently recorded and stored in the Change History section of SentryPage. Accessing and comparing to previously stored can be done as easy as saying ABC. Alert Management Portal also provides an interface to manage all changes intuitively.